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In an effort to review my image collection to determine "Best Of" top choices for the preceding year, the following photos are considered both Samples of my style and Standouts from the rest.  This "Top 25" is larger and more representative than the "Top 10 Images" also found under the "Featured" section. 

Considering that I shot about 5,300 images in 2015 (a third which passed muster for post-processing work thus far), this was no small task for me - but the "keepers" started to clearly emerge.  Most of these photos were from three trips: Seattle & San Juan Island, around Flagstaff, AZ, and Europe (France, Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands).  For Europe, being on a tour is great way to be immersed in the locales, but this meant a lot more photos than normal as I shot easily a quarter of them while moving by foot, boat, bus, or ship - and yes, it was worth it as some gems still were realized.

Scroll your mouse over each image to view more information - and selecting the "Slideshow" button for viewing is recommended.

Be sure to give any feedback under the Contact section of my website. Enjoy.

Stephen L. Kapp

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