STOP THE PROPOSED SAND MINE intended for the old Cottonwood Golf Course back nine!

~ This semi-improved land should continue to be used for recreational purposes and natural preservation since the proposed sand extraction and processing mine is incompatible with and would endanger the health and safety of those in the adjacent neighborhoods and at Jamacha Elementary School.
~ For more information on the proposal, please read this article.
~ To read the Draft Description report for the Proposed Cottonwood Sand Mine Project, click here (pdf).
~ To follow and participate in the concerned citizens response, go to their Stop Cottonwood Sand Mine website.

Instead, the site offers a tremendous potential to become a multipurpose natural preserve for naturalists, photographers, hikers, joggers, and possibly mountain bikers on the existing paths.  Contact your County Supervisor and ask them to purchase the Cottonwood site as a preserve as they recently did with 600 acres the beginning of January for Hellhole Canyon Preserve in Valley Center, with 160 acres for habitat protection in February near the City of Poway, or 98 acres for a community park and open-space preserve at Alpine's Wright's Field in March. 

Alternatively, officials should be contacted to consider extending the San Diego National Wildlife Refuge into this area it's already adjacent to immediately to the south of the site.

Meanwhile, enjoy the scenery from the series below.  The images are from the Phase 1 location of the proposed sand mine (per the map on Page 14 of the Project Description).

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