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In an effort to review my image collection to determine "Best Of" top choices for the preceding year, the following photos are considered both Samples of my style and Standouts from the rest. 

This group of Top 10 is also used for submission to other photography lists, such as your mouse over each image to view more information - and selecting the "Slideshow" button for viewing is recommended. Be sure to give any feedback under the Contact section of my website.  Enjoy.

Stephen L. Kapp

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Mid-Manhattan Skyline (looking Southwest)

Orion condominium tower is tall building at left rear. Shown on the right (dark glass with lighter glass pop-out) and located at 460 West 42nd Street, on 42nd Street and 10th Avenue in Midtown West is One MiMA Tower, short for the Middle of Manhattan, is a new, luxury condominium building.

7784HDRNew YorkNew York City